Wednesday, June 2, 2010

healthy and happy

Whether or not you are trying (or struggling to try?) to change your lifestyle from a no-nonsense-eating-no-dieting-and-exercising person to a health buff who wouldn't want to miss a gym session, hgh supplement might aid in your quest to achieve that goal.Natural HGH enhancers simply increase the natural production of HGH by stimulating the pituitary glands in your brain.This will not help you feel and look younger, it will also aid in letting you feel and look healthier and happier!

vanity and beauty

People, girls in particular, belonging to my generation are getting more particular with how they look. A good number spend lots of money in liposuctions and diet. A remarkable number are also spending for skin treatments. Have encountered mommy-friends who compare what is the best eye cream for dark circles with each other. It may be vanity for some but for our generation, it's necessity.

goodbyes are not forever

I am surely gonna miss you, K. You have been my shoulder to cry on at work for the last thirty six months and your sudden decision to migrate left me with no other choice but to accept it with a very heart... ~F

A very good friend from work recently left for the US to settle there for good. Both of us were caught offguard as we have not expected the turn of events to happen so soon. We have not even started researching on
philly jobs online. I remembered us planning on doing it this month since her tentative departure won't be until August of this year. Boy, was I surprised when she called me last night just to say goodbye...

high technology

A friend who was recently confined in the hospital because of her recurring ailment was surprised to learn that we already have pulse oximeter in the philippines. I first heard about that through my dad who lives in the US. This is being used especially in carehomes to track oxygen level & pulse-rate accurately. Seems that technology is booming even in the hospital industry!

mother and daughter

my daugher and me =)


I am looking for an online printing shop for invitations that I need for next week's office activity. Our clients want to give out postcards and brochures to all the attendees and since they are requesting to print a lot, costing is one of my considerations. I need one that can offer affordable rates yet give excellent quality of service. Please let me know should you have any suggestions.