Thursday, November 25, 2010

buy gold

Can someone direct me where to buy gold in the US? My aunt is looking on investing in gold and silver and has commissioned me to find me the best stores or outlets where she can purchase some. She is convinced that the beauty of a gold bar lies in its proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power. She has been constantly communicating with me on updates as to where she can buy them but as of yet, I haven't given her any recommendation whatsoever. Not being familiar with the US is one of my greatest challenges so far so I am seeking the help of all my US based friends to recommend some stores for me. I would really love to help my aunt but I am as clueless as her. Yay!

lizzie's powers

My daughter L, has always taken Ceelin as her vitamins eversince she was small. I guess, that helped in how she managed to have strong resistance and a really healthy body. But now that she is growing, I am looking for alternatives or perhaps the best multivitamins so she can be more protected now that she is more exposed outdoors as she goes to big school. If you know of something, do let me know.

Dada's Christmas Wish List 2010

1. PS 3
2. Kindle
3. bushnell binoculars
4. Oakley Ducati Shades
5. Peace. Love. Happiness.

I think the last one is the easiest to give but being the best dad and hubby in the world, he deserves all the material things that he wishes for. I may not be able to buy him all those on the list at once. But I will strive to give him as much.

And plenty of the last. Heeee!

United States Gold Bureau

My mom's fascination with silver and gold started when she was in medical school. She was telling me how she would save all her allowance that comes from my grandmother just so she can buy small pieces of gold that she can keep as an investment. She brought that hobby with her when she got married and migrated to the US. There she learned about United States Gold Bureau and has since collected more gold and silver. I know for a fact that all the pieces that she has collected all these years will be mine so I am excited. Yay!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

help please

Enough of internet for the weekend. But before I even doze off to bed, I badly need to look for one a day vitamins that I can give my kids so their health will always be in top shape. You see, both are active kids and would need all the supplements that they can get not just in food but also in vitamins. Any suggestions?

a pleasant surprise

My sister in law ordered boxes of the new diet pill that she discovered online. She had her sister, who is a nurse in Anaheim, buy it for her. I asked her what she's going to do with all the diet pills when they arrive and I was surprised when she said that she's going give them to me. Am I that fat already? Uh oh! Better start dieting as well...

it's a boy

When hubby learned that we were having a boy midway through my pregnancy, he immediately bought cigars to celebrate. Not sure where he got the idea but he told me that once you know that you are having a baby boy, one has to celebrate by smoking the most expensive cigar. Not sure what that is for but just not to break a tradition, I let him buy a pack and celebrate.