Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just love her.

Nevermind if she's jologs and if she doesn't exude the Audrey Hepburn-kind-of-class. Never mind if she comes from a poor, broken family. Nevermind if she is taklesa and all. How she was able to improve her social status is admirable.

I love her. Don't you?

because i am a girl

Aside from of a son and world peace, I would love to have these "timeless pieces" for Valentine's Day. LOL!

My friends know how I love shoes and I buy in all colors if I like the style. If there's such a thing as a shoe-aholic, that's probably me!Everytime Arthuz asks me what I want for an occasion, he would not let me finish my sentence anymore. He would always say: sapatos na naman?!, to which I would retort: eh magtatanong ka ng gusto ko tapos ayaw mo namang bilhin. wag nalang! lol. He stopped buying me shoes since middle of last year. As a result, either I ask my mom and dad to get me something I like in the US or I sneak out sometimes to shop for a new pair. I am bad I know but it's just so addicting. And because Valentine's Day is supposed to be a tribute to the women of the world (naks!), allow me to share with you what I long to have (dream on, farah!) =)Christian Louboutin Burma Very Prive Pump
This one too Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta. And this , Jean Schlumberger Lynn bracelet (Tiffany & Co.). And finally... A Chanel handbag.

Heinakow! Ang hirap talaga maging babae! Magastos pero masaya!

Spread the love, everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yay! My very first post. What am I going to say? I just wanna welcome you to my pit stop. If you're tired of reading personal stories (i.e. my life, my family, etc), I invite you to rest for a while in this site and enjoy good finds, good food and good everything. This will be really raining eyecandies. For someone who loves to dream, daydream or nightdream like me- expect to have fun here. I am again inspired by my blog mentor, Ems aka Babs. But instead of calling this alternate blog my detour, I opted to call it my pit stop.

I am pretty sure blogging in two different sites is a challenge (isa pa nga lang nauubusan na ako ng topics ano pa kaya pag dalawa lol!). But this is surely going to be really fun. I hope to see more of you here.

Happy blogging monday! Cheerio