Friday, December 24, 2010

apple of my eyes

When you become a parent, or a mother at that, the essence of child safety is the first on your list. You care less about other people and even yourself. What you would always want and wish for, even pray for, would be for the best of your child especially her safety. I have been like this since almost 6 years ago when I first had my daughter. My prayers would be for her safety and protection. My prayers have doubled this year when I had my son. I know that nannies abound but you can only find the perfect match for you and your family through time. I don't want any nanny cameras at home because it defeats the purpose of having a warm, truthful, honest and homey atmosphere. But if there really is a need for me to do that, I can purchase affordable ones at Each night, I would close my eyes and pray that they will both be guarded by their angels so nothing and no one can ever warn them. Safety and protection for my children, all the time.

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