Wednesday, July 29, 2009

something about me

What time do you usually wake up? 5:30am .
What’s the first thing you do?During weekdays: Take a 30 minute bath. I have yet to try our new Capresso coffee maker after I give birth. On weekends: Sleep in!
Breakfast? Now that I am heavy with my second baby, I need to.
Do you go to work/school? Work, unfortunately =).
Do you like it? I like the perks that come with it
If you stay at home, what do you do all day?Sleep. Eat. Surf. Play with Lizzie. Supervise the house. Watch TV.
When’s lunch and what you eatin’? 12 noon. Anything I feel like eating. For lunch today, I had chicken inasal. Yum!

What time do you get home from work/school? 6pm.
What do you do?Let’s be a bit specific, shall we? at work - boss around; at home - boss around hehehe =)
Dinner: When and what? 8pm. Anything that I want to eat.
What do you do to unwind? Read a good book.
What’s your favorite part of the day? Mornings.
Who’s your favorite person to interact with? Arthuz.
When’s bedtime?on the average, 10PM.
Who’s bedtime with? Arthuz. Lizzie has her own place to sleep in.

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