Saturday, August 9, 2008

countdown to 2010

Things to accomplish before 2010:

1. A new car for me. - We're thinking of getting a brand new compact car late next year. Depends on the sales of our CL, really. Heee!
2. Lizzie should be in big school by then - leaning towards AA because of the proximity to first - her lola's hardware, second - her mama shine's house in Antipolo and three - dada's route from his work going home. SPC - Pasig is still an option but the traffic lets me think otherwise.
3. Santino - this does not need further explanation.
4. The big P - it will really kill me if this won't happen before 2010.
5. A long vacation - to make my mom happy, I will consider her offer of a US trip with Lizzie and Arthuz and enjoy one of those Vegas vacations that she is talking about. I have never been to the US and it shakes me everytime I would imagine the trip.

Spell excited.

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