Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lip service

I discovered a new favorite lipstick recently. For years now, I have been struggling of lugging a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip gloss in my bag. With my new discovery, I wouldn't have to bring a lot of lip paraphernalia as each lipstick comes with an attached lip gloss. I especially love the sweet pea shade as it projects a no-nothing effect on my lips.

The dual lipstick and gloss is a nice combination to have. And it comes in pretty packaging as well. That in itself turned me on already.

The gloss is also pretty good. It has nice shine, good tint, and is not sticky in any manner. It comes with a brush applicator, when I would rather have a sponge, but that is just a personal preference for me. The gloss is unscented and unflavored as far as I can tell. It says it is plumping in the name, but I did not notice any plumping indicators, not even the tingle that most give off. I view it as simply a decent matching gloss and that is good enough for me.

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