Thursday, May 8, 2008

my to do list

It has been such a crazy week for me. I figured, I did not create my list of things to do over the weekend which explains the crazy week that I am experiencing right now. It's Thursday and I have three more days before the week ends. So now, I shall start the day with my to do list.

Isn't it so nice to be able to write everything in an organized way and feel such a great accomplishment when you're able to cross it off your list after?

1. Bring the dog to his pedia. He badly needs some grooming asap!
2. Bring the hubby to the dentist as he has been complaining about his teeth since last week. After the dentist appointment, we're going to the salon/barber shop then pamper ourselves with a great massage at the spa and hopefully some facial for me.
3. Map out menu for next week. More fish. Less pork and beef. Don't forget the veggies.
4. Check out the list of payday loans that my company is offering (I heard that it's a good deal!)Think. Think. Do I need one at this point?
5. Spend more time with Lizzie and let her teach me some spanish lines (thanks to Dora, she is learning! She is learning!)

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