Saturday, March 7, 2009

wedding flowers

For most brides, wedding flowers would be one of the last priorities when planning for a wedding. Why so? It is simply because most of them would want to invest more on their photos, while others their gown, while the rest would want to get the best caterers because as they say, you can only gauge the success of a wedding if the guests loved the food that the couple served. I was not very particular with the flowers on my wedding day but I guess, I was one of the few lucky ones to get a professional, artistic and creative florist to help me out. These days, once can opt not to get one. There are a number of really nice sites online where a bride to be can get ideas from. Whether or not you put flowers as a top priority in your wedding is beside the point. What is important is the marriage after the grand celebration. No amount of flowers can compensate the satisfaction brought about by a happy home.

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