Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Stealing on a Monday!

Sometimes I just need: to update all my blogs afterall but the 3 hours that I allot for PC time when I get home, while the little girl is taking her nap, seems to be not enough.
Sometimes I want: to experience how it is to be in the other part of the world.
Sometimes I like to: try my luck with those weight loss pills I see online. I heard they are good and are trully harmless. I just need to research on it a little bit more.
Sometimes all it takes: is dedication and a lot of hardwork!
Sometimes I picture: myself in a big house with white picket fence and a vast lawn.
Sometimes I wish: I were a rockstar!
Sometimes I find: some of the people I work with really shallow and senseless.
Sometimes I take: things for granted. Bad bad me.
Sometimes I look: in the mirror and ask myself: where have all the years gone, Farah?
Sometimes I hate: to go out of the house on a lazy saturday afternoon.
Sometimes it’s nice: to be nice to other people.
Sometimes it hurts: that people forget your special day.
Sometimes it makes me happy: to see that my daughter and husband are happy, and that my daughter is learning and she is becoming the person that I picure her to be.
Sometimes it’s sad: that the people you consider friends still talk ill about you.
Sometimes I listen: to what others are not saying.
Sometimes I sleep: to death! I love sleeping, it hurts my husband so much heee!
Sometimes I like to watch: the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
Sometimes I feel: bloated after a night of food and wine.
Sometimes I rant: about the small stuff!
Sometimes I never: turn on the PC when I want "QT" with my family.
Sometimes I really: want to shop til I drop.

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