Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 x thursday - music & pirates

1. Do you like iTunes? Why/why not? What do you think of the iTunes store maybe going away? Does it matter to you? Why/why not?
I like iTunes but my husband adores it! iTunes store going away would really break his heart as he gets most of his songs there. It won't matter to me though.

2. How do you get your music these days (torrents, iTunes, Amazon, record store, other)? What's your prefered method of media (mp3s, cd, vinyl)? Why?
From iTunes mostly but I also burn CDs and transfer them to my iPod.

3. Do you play any Rock Band or Guitar Hero? What do you think of downloadable content? More specifically, what do you think of downloading entire albums to play when you've already bought the CD in the past?
I love downloading!

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