Monday, November 24, 2008

baby alive

Lizzie has been bugging me about Baby Alive. She so wanted that doll since a few weeks ago but her dad and I are opposed to buying her something as expensive as this doll. We find it impractical for her age. At 3, all she knows is to cut her doll's hair, paint her face, remove her clothes and leave them as if the dolls were raped. I don't blame her because she's still a kid. And I don't expect her to handle her toys with care at this stage so as a resolution, we decided to just buy her toys (and dolls for that matter) that aren't really too pricey but are still nice. Baby Alive is nowhere near that. It is expensive hands down. But she loves it and she dreams about it LOL. I am almost convinced that she deserves something like this for Christmas considering her stellar performance in school and her good conduct all year round. But principles are principles. Now, my heart is breaking but my husband's right. She can't always have all the nice things in life...

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