Saturday, November 15, 2008

crocs lover

My love affair with crocs has never wavered since the time I got my first pair. Now after mroe than a year and several pairs after, I am busy choosing the styles I am getting this Christmas. Styles that are not just for me but for my daughter and husband as well.

First -- MINE:
The Crocs Malindi in cotton candy. It is stylish, fun flat that allows feet to breath in warm weather. Perfect for the summer!

The Crocs Mary Janes will be perfect with jibbitz™ brand charms.
And since I love brown at work, the Crocs Lena will perfectly complement my not so corporate attires without looking too lousy and unprofessional.

1 comment:

Marites said...

am not much fan of the Crocs but the Crocs Lena got me really interested. it looks cool!