Friday, November 7, 2008

the it bags

When it comes to bags, I would always tell my friends that I am always choosing Gucci over LV. Not that I don't like the latter. I just find the former really elegant and classy. This is one of the many things that my big boss and I share. And one of us come accross a style worthy of our time and eyes, we would share it to each other. The only difference is my boss gets to buy what she wants while I still have to save up for my first. I am not worrying though because I know in time, I will be able to get my own. For now, I have to make sure that all the bills get to be paid on time. All our dues are attended to without miss. Just like the other day, I had to research on some auto insurance quotes for one of our cars. I mean, at this point, these are things that are more important than designer bags and killer shoes. I will get what I want someday. I just know that.

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