Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tigers and maroons

After a painful 0-14 finish last season, my alma mater redeemed itself to the public as they upset the NU Bulldogs in yesterday's game. Winless no more indeed. It was a roller coaster ride watching the games as NU was on top speed during the first few minutes of the game. They were all dominant during the first quarter with an 11 point margin over us at 28-17.

But the maroons never let that affect them. They played maturely from the second quarter until the last minutes of the 4th. It was a sweet victory indeed as it took them a while to win a game. I myself have forgotten the feeling already.

However, it was not a good first game for my husband's alma mater. The UST grwoling tigers succumbed to the warrior's rampage during Saturday's ball game.

Go USTe!

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