Monday, April 7, 2008

bright ideas

Kate Spade has always been one of my all time favorite shops. When we went to HK last year, we spent a good hour checking out some nice finds in the store. Would you believe that this was established only because the owner, Katherine Noel Spade has been in search for the quintessential handbag which she has not seen in any of the shops that were available at that time? She, along with her then-boyfriend put up the shop in 1993. They specialize in handbags but they have since ventured to other collections like shoes, luggage, fragrances, sunglasses, apparel and would you believe, even baby things?

I searched for some cool items in their website and found a few which I want to share with you guys. A bit pricey but they durability is tested and the style is classic so it's worth all your money, indeed. Happy shopping!


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