Wednesday, April 9, 2008

featured friends

1. I am one of Maver's featured friends (go figure why the picture on the side hehe).
2. As such, I should include her name and also pick 4 or 5 more of my own featured friends.
3. I have to inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling.

Note: If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’. You may read everything about how this Featured Friend started by reading
here and here.

My featured friends are: Alpha, Pat, Sheryll, Peachy and Nyree.


shopaholictiestheknot said...

hi, thanks for this. i did it na. : )

Mec said...

i believe we should also visit those who tagged the ones who tagged us that we've kept the ball rolling in ourblog... and i have :)