Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ESTREL'S: it floats off the table and into your mouth

A few days ago, we have found a piece of heaven in Estrel's Caramel Cakes. Though I'm not really big on sweet cakes, this one, I would say was an exception. This caramael cake, I would later learn is famous for its melt-in-the-mouth feel. To say that it's heavenly is an understatement. They have been around since 1948 but opted to be really low-profile about their business, even with the influx of customers in their homes, the owner never dreamed of going mainstream and selling their 'home-made, precious, mouth watering cakes' to commercial stores or bakeries. Birthday cakes should be ordered a day in advance by calling 372-2965 or 371-79-38, from 8:30am to 7pm daily. The catch here is you have to pick up the cake at 54 Scout Tobias St cor Scout Limbaga, Baranggay Laging Handa , Quezon City. Driving from my place in Cainta to far away kyusi on a saturday when the traffic is usually heavy is no joke. Pure effort pero ang sakit sa bangs, promise! Buti nalang masarap talaga sya. No kidding, masarap talaga sya. Period.

Try it.


big-eyed-gal said...

Yummy nga sya Farah but you have to try Costa Brava din. They also have Caramel cakes that for me tastes better than Estrel's. They're located at #12 Polaris St., Bel Air Makati (8961267/ 8966872) :-) Sabihan mo ako pag na-try mo na ha... Shox gusto ko tuloy ng caramel cake. LOL!

Tahn said...

Apparently masarap nga daw to. Must really try it.

wifeynibangis said...

val -
sige try ko yung suggestment (lol!) mo :), will keep you posted!

tahn -

super sarap to! :)