Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello Kitty!

While I was dressing up for mass early this morning, I caught Tina Monzon Palma's interview with Kitty Go at ANC's The World Tonight (learned later that it was just a replay from TV Patrol the night before). I know of Kitty Go because I used to see her name all the time in magazines. She was an editor, I reckon. And a socialite. She was asked what her take was on this and my, I couldn't help but stop from what I was doing, sit on the corner of my bed and listen intently. She just talks with so much meat! Her candor impressed me. Such a woman of substance. I instantly became a fan.

And when I become a fan, I obsess. So can you imagine my plight the whole time today? My body was in the training room of Orient but my mind was in the bookstore alleys searching for the novels she made in 2005: When Chic Hits the Fan: Celebrity and Fashion Confessions of a Former Magazine Editor and Chic Happens. I can swear to the world that I was closed to pulling the hands of the clock so I can run to Podium or MegaMall and find out if they still have copies (I am doubting they run out of stock considering the Filipino mentality that if it's sikat now and was featured in primetime television, everyone will flock to the bookstores to grab a copy). I will have to find that out in a couple more hours. I just can't wait.

I just wish she won't fail me.

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