Monday, April 7, 2008

a pc for a classmate

Intel has come up with another great innovation in the form of a laptop that's relatively smaller than the usual ones you see around but bigger than a pocket pc. Something that would perfectly fit a student's schoolbag. Powered by Intel, it is a mobile learning device for primary students, ages 5 to 14. Classmate PCs include practical, education-oriented features that improve the learning experience for students, parents, teachers and schools.

I was watching the news early tonight and the kids who were asked to test the device were all excited about this invention and most of them are hopeful that with this new tool, their skills will be enhanced, not to mention that as we are already living in computer age (where technology is synonymous to the rice crisis that the country is experiencing today), this will pose as an advantage to every filipino kid.

It was mentioned in the news that the manufacturer of this product will make sure that the price will be student friendly so that more can avail of this wonderful invention. An introductory price of no more than Php 18000.00 in the market but students can still avail of special promos.

If only these kinds of options were available during my childhood.

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