Friday, September 19, 2008


1. Are you generally healthy? Do you have anything that requires a regular perscription of some sort?
>>>I would like to think I am. Except for my eyes which are really really bad they need to be checked bi-annually, my health is A-OK!

2.Do you react okay to drugs your doctor gives you when you have an infection or a condition?
>>>I used to have an allergic reaction to mefenamic acid but it vanished when I gave birth and had to be given a lot of medicines. I have always been afraid to try this drug before but when it turned out to be safe for me (meaning no more red skin attacks), I have started taking them already.

3. Have you ever had a bad experience/allergic reaction to any drugs you've been given by a doctor?
>>>Fortunately not. I have always been very cautious about the drugs/prescription drugs that my doctors are asking me to take. My friends would always tease me that I act as if I know better than any doctor. Hahaha! Well, at least, that saved me from any trouble right?

This is all for now, folks. Got to rush because the househelp just texted and I need to get some pet supplies for my dog in the groceries. Catch you all later! Ciao!

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