Friday, September 19, 2008

jack of all trades

I got really furious with the househelp a few days ago. Can you imagine coming home from a trip to the North with a clogged bathroom? Nobody even dared to call me up to report the incident, or better yet contact my in laws who live just a few minutes away from us so they can have a plumber check on the problem. It was a horrible day that they spent the day trying to declog it. It didn't resolve the issue so I had to call a plumber to have the bathroom declogged and at the same time asked him to change all the faucets including the bar faucets both in the lavatory and the kitchen sink. It's a lot better now. But I tell you, a lot of my energy was wasted because I really had to reprimand them for their action. All is good now, though. Thanks to Mr. Plumber!

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