Friday, September 19, 2008

my sunshine and moonbeam

Today is my little girl's 3rd birthday. I never imagined that time can fly this fast. One lesson that I learned is to savor every moment spent with your child. Because they tend to grow up so fast. And the more you stop the turning of the tide, the more it just slips out of your hand. At 3, she is really advanced in everything that she does and everything that she says. We try to be careful with our words and actions because she can easily pick up. She loves to sing and she can complete a whole song with the correct tune and with her eyes closed (for added emotions!). She dresses up by herself and needs little supervision. She can read a few short words but can write the letters in the alphabet. She is far from being genius but I am trully grateful for all her accomplishments. Oh, did I say that she eats on her own now?
You can read another tribute for her here.
Happy Birthday Patoots! You are God's greatest gift to Mama and Dada. We love you!!!

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