Sunday, September 21, 2008

later, i am going to...

... be a good homemaker and finish all the pending stuff that I need to do for my home. Two weeks of setting aside domestic needs is over and it's time to move and work.

1. Have Lizzie's gown measurement taken by Ligaya. I've got to do this now or else I will be dead meat when my friend S calls me up first thing on Monday. I broke my promise twice already and I have no plans of breaking it again.
2. Bring Bob to the vet and talk to the pet house owner about the chihuahua that we will be getting for Lizzie.
3. Work on the budget for the coming week.
4. Look for new car covers. This has been long put on hold that it needs top priority later.
5. Get ingredients for the seafood pasta in the grocery. I need to do this tomorrow afternoon so I can scrap it in my list of things to do for the weekend.

Busy busy sunday. But, I am sure to have time for UAAP's game 1. Hahahaha!

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