Monday, September 8, 2008

back to back champs!

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We did it again. For two straight years, my school has been grabbing the top plum in the annual cheerdancing competition. Creative, Innovative, Unique... That's how people call our team. Said to always be setting the trends, UP Pep Squad never fails to wow the crowd with new stunts, flips, tosses, formations that you have never seen before... And the choreographys is amazing you can't help but admire...

Last Sunday, the Araneta Coliseum housed 25,000 people all cheering and praying for their own school. Everyone performed really well but it was UP who shined the most. It was a great feeling to be there but come to think of it, because of the number of people inside the coliseum, it got really hot duing the middle of the show. Perhaps, the management should start looking for dehumidifiers that they can install to aid in the reduction of moisture level in the surrounding. It would be great to have a safe, dust free Araneta Coliseum nex year!

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