Saturday, September 20, 2008

my name is Lizzie...

...I would like to share how my 3rd birthday went =)

Disclaimer: This is nothing fancy so you can skip this post a bit. Heee!!!

September 19, Friday
2:00 AM - I heard Mama get up from bed to take a shower.
2:40 AM - Mama wakes me up and asks Yaya to give me a quick hot bath and dress me up. She chose a red button down shirt and brown Khaki shorts for me to wear.
3:10 AM - We leave for Church. Mom said that Quiapo Church is very far from our house so I can still sleep while on the road. I slept.
4:00 AM - Mass. I was asleep the whole time but Mama and Dada said it was okay.
6:00 AM - My parents together with Lola Arlyn and Lolo Jun had breakfast at Delifrance while I played and had my favorite breakfast at Jollibee (cool that Delifrance and Jollibee in Libis are located beside each other)
7:30 AM - We're back home!! Yipee!! It's time to open my gifts Ü Dada said that I can only open them after the mass. I got a Dora MP3 player and some Disney stuff from Mama and Dada, educational toys from my other Ninongs and Ninangs and a cute Lisa Frank lunch box from Tita Kristel. Thanks mucho!
9:00 AM - Morning shower. I took my nap afterwards. Dada left for work na. Mama was working from the house. Before I slept, she was in front of her laptop typing and she was very busy.
12:00 Noon - Birthday Lunch of Kare Kare, Pancit (for long life) and Crispy Hito (mom's favorite!) at Mama Shine's house. Yum Yum Yum!!! I finished 3 plated of pancit!
4:00 PM - Let the party begin! I spent my birthday with the kids of our employees. We had spaghetti, puto, chicken and cake. There were games and the kids sang songs for me. The party was held at my Lola Arlyn's hardware. It rained so hard but it did not spoil the fun. I was very happy.
7:00 PM - We're back home. I am so tired. There were no gifts from my visitors but I was still happy. I slept early.

Thank you for reading this post. And to Mama, thanks for letting me share how my 3rd birthday went, to your online friends.

Till next year,

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